• I know its your job, but You guys bailed me out of a very tough time in my life. The service and the quality of your service help to keep me in business when I was not sure what direction I was headed,  so I you will always be my first choice in the future, and I will continue to refer you.

    Law Office of Donnette
  • Thank you for your wonderful service, I've been recommending you whenever asked.

    W S Solid networks
  • I have no complaints. You guys did great.

    Jerry Rothman
  • Further to our discussion I am writing to you to express my sincerest gratitude and admiration for your service Flat Rate Phone. Very professional and cost-effective.

    pricing recruiters
  • We were very happy with the service, and especially with the people who work in your call center. Whenever we tested the service, they answered the calls cordially and in good, clear voices. Just the kind of people we want associated with our business!

    Frank Beck The College S
  • Everything is going real well. We could not be more pleased.

    Laser Therapy Labs
  • I love your service. Really good. Competition never came close.

    Walter Looper
  • I just wanted to say that since I've started your service, I have been extremely pleased with how my calls have been handled quickly and professionally. There have been a couple issues with name spelling, but otherwise, I'm very satisfied. I tried a competitor early last year who was not able to come anywhere near the quality of service your company has provided, so I'm glad I found you. Thank you very much for doing good work, and I hope for many years of business together.

    Jeff Keysar, D.C. Nevada Neck & Back Pain Relief
  • Love the answering service Best thing I ever did  

    Rick Gordon Gordon Maintenance Services
  • We found Answer Our Phone Answering Service to be best in class - every call that they managed for us was transparent to our clients and we couldn't have asked for a better 24/7 coverage. Equally important we found setting up service and its management to be fast and efficient. We would recommendAnswer Our Phone to anyone in our industry and anyone else who needs the ability to be connected to a person and not an application at all times.

    Office of Tim Lange
  • We have changed locations and the mission. We will continue the wonderful service! Thank you for your help.  

    Jamie Hildenbrandt President Hildt Aviation
  • Thank you for providing exceptional service. Patients really enjoyed the ability to talk with someone after hours

    Angel Shannon, MS, CRNP Seva Health, LLC
  • Your service has been fantastic, the people answering the phones have been super over the past years. No complaints here! A downturn in business has put a cramp on our style and I need to discontinue the service. I hope to start it back up in the near future.

    William Barnes
  • My phone has been like a weight on my shoulders for over a decade now- having you guys answer my phone has been one of the best decisions ever.  I mean that. My only complaint is that I really need client's names to be accurately spelled. So far, though, that's my only gripe. My clients have reported that your staff has been polite and professional- and I appreciate it very much.

    Lance Electric
  • Hi Dennis, Good to speak with you on the phone. Thanks for your excellent service on our behalf these past four or five years. We have a new telephone system and do not need the answering service anymore. Again, it has been good working with you and we will not hesitate to recommend your service to other churches and businesses.

    Tom Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
  • I also wanted to say that I am really enjoying your service so far. Some of our calls are recorded, from Google, and even though people have been rude, and hung up everyone I’ve listened to from your service has been very professional! These are exactly the calls I’m trying to weed out. Please let your staff know that I think they are doing great! Shea Trade Pro Electric

    Shea Trade Pro Electric
  • - Hello, my business is picking up and I am not going to cancel. I just want to let you know that it lightens my day to know that someone is answering my phone. thank you for your service

    JR Bark Design
  • I just got my forwarded phone number and my friend, David, and I just did a test call. And Christine was AMAZING! She was better than anything I could imagine! She had a wonderful smile in her voice, and she was so upbeat with David. She directed the call perfectly and naturally asking him his call back number and what is this regarding. David is floored at how great she was and said he would swear she was actually my personal assistant. Then the text she sent me was immediate and perfect as well. I'm blown away and so happy!! And before becoming a Realtor, I worked at the Ritz Carlton....so my standards are high. I just wanted to let you know how great she did....and how excited I am to be with your company now! JR Scott, REALTOR PalmerHouse Properties

    Scott PalmerHouse Properties
  • Please cancel my service. It was a pleasure doing business with your company. If I have the need later to use your service I will contact you. Absolutely, I am very happy with your service, be safe.

    Craig ty mortech
  • Thank you. I hope to be re-starting very soon. I have been VERY happy with your services.

    Pete Weinman Law Offices
  • Thank you so much for the service you guys have provided us through the years, unfortunately, we have decided to change our answering service to a non-human system to save funds. We were extremely happy with the service you provided. this is just a business decision.

    Eric Beans Roofing
  • love your service. It has really helped the business to have you get the calls we were missing

    Clint Allied Yard Care
  • Thank You, Dennis. You have always been easy to do business with. That seems harder and harder to do every day.

    Lou Handy Husband
  • Hi Dennis, I am sending this email to let you know that I am canceling my answer service with your company effective immediately, I have been very happy with your service and hope to use your services again in the future. At this time things are very slow with no calls coming in. I hope to use your services sometime next year. Your operators have been great and sound very professional on the phone. I would refer you to anyone that needs an answering service. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank You,

    Debbie Cashout Investments
  • Hello Dennis, We are very pleased with AnswerOurPhone and with your personal service. I had called yesterday to switch our account from the Advanced 100 Minutes to the Advanced 40 Minutes plan.

    James Church of God Mountain Assembly
  • Thank you so much Your service is wonderful but I've taken another rout with my business, please cancel service should I need you again I will certainly call

    Jamie Jamie Herzlinger Interiors
  • I have found your service to be timely, polite, and professional and want to thank you. I am sure this level of great customer service will be given to Sharen as we transition.

    Colette Brightside Academy
  • I hope this email finds you well. The service has been impeccable. You guys are doing a great job catching the calls we miss and it’s been really helpful.

    Ori Hazorfim
  • I have sold my practice but the Dentist who has bought it is a smart guy and will continue with your service. I want to say that I have been a dentist for 28 years and have used numerous services but they never seem to have quite got it. I have been with you for a few years and your people have been fantastic and the price has been very reasonable. Thanks for everything

    Bard Dr. Levey's office
  • Thank you sir! You guys are the best. I did a test call and they answered SO professionally! I am so so pleased!!!! I’ll be a customer forever. You’re really saving me during these Covid times while my kids are at home screaming and I’m trying to run a professional legal business at the same time. I appreciate you.

    Tiffany R. R. Legal Document Services
  • I have really enjoyed the answering service while we were on Vacation, and since then, and the Customers have nothing but good things to say about the operators.

    Wendell F. STA Security, Inc
  • You guys are great. We love your service

    Angie Public Housing Authority
  • Hello,

    We have enjoyed and appreciate your services. We now have someone answering our phones fulltime in house so we are no longer needing answering services. Please cancel our account at the end of the billing period.
    Thank you very much and we will be sure to touch base with you in the future if anything changes.
    David Cunningham Lawn Care, LLC