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frequently asked questions

Can I Have Calls Patched Through?

Yes. If you are expecting a certain call, or if you need some or all of your calls transferred, we can set them up! Calls can be directed to you or one of your staff members.

Can I Have More Control Over the Script?

Our regular answering service includes operators answering in your name or your company. Our operators will collect the caller’s name, phone number, and nature of the call by default. But if you want more information collected, we can customize the script to include more details! Just email us with the questions you want added so that our operators can collect them. We will then give you a simple price quote for the added data you want collected.

How Many Monthly Calls Do I Get?

With over a decade of experience, Answer Our Phone’s numbers reveal that majority of our clients do not receive more than 100 calls per month through our live phone answering service. Because of this, we designed our basic package to include 50 calls per month, and our higher volume package includes 100 calls per month.

If you exceed these plans of either 50 or 100 calls, you will be charged at $0.59 per call (not per minute).

Can I get a local number for my area code?

Of course! The forwarding number will be a US number with a random area code. You can opt to have a local number in your area code with no extra fees! Please be aware, however, that it can take four to ten days before your specific, local number can be activated. While you are waiting for your local number, we can give you a toll-free number you can use in the interim.

How will I be notified of my calls, and how often?

You can get immediate notifications of all your calls via email or text. You will also receive a daily recap of all the calls that came in for the day through email. We email these recaps daily at around 8 p.m., but you can choose to receive a weekly recap instead.

Does Answer Our Phone Use Overseas Call Centers?

No. Answer Our Phone sets itself apart from its competitors: we do not out source to overseas call centers. Some clients may think that because of our rock bottom prices, our operators might be based in foreign countries like India, China, or the Philippines. This is not the case with Answer Our Phone!

Answer Our Phone prides itself with its English-speaking professionals who are US citizens and are working from our own call center. You get to save not because of call center outsourcing, but because of our efficiency. Sticking with US-based services can help you avoid various communication barriers that are prevalent with outsourced answering services.

What happens after I sign up?

Details will be sent for programming once your order is confirmed. This process typically takes around a few hours, at a maximum of 24 hours. You will then receive a forwarding number via text or email (depending on your choice of communication). You know that your account is officially activated once you receive your forwarding number.

Now that your account is activated, you can simply forward your calls to the forwarding number whenever you want Answer Our Phone to receive your calls. Or if you never want to answer calls yourself, just give out your forwarding number to your clients. Answer Our Phone’s operators will greet your callers 24/7!

How Do I Set Up the Designated Text Messaging Destination?

We send text messages to your mobile phone using a text messaging address. Each mobile provider has its own requirements, but most of them offer unlimited texting as part of your monthly package. This means that you can receive caller messages on your own terms, and determine when and how to handle calls. When urgent matters and emergency issues arise, you can take care of them swiftly.

Can I Change my Email Address?

Of course! Send us an email at help@answerourphone.com with your forwarding number in the subject line. In the body of the email, tell us the new email address you want the messages to be sent to. You will then receive an email that will prompt you to confirm the email address.

How Can I Set Up Call Forwarding?

If you are forwarding from your office phone, simply follow the instructions provided by your local phone company or phone equipment.

Here are some common instructions to activate call forwarding:

  1.      Press *72.
  2.      Enter the phone number where you want calls to be forwarded. (e.g. *72-908-123-4567).
  3.      Press SEND and wait for confirmation. You should hear a confirmation tone or a message.
  4.      Press END.
  5.      To Deactivate:
  6.      Press *73.
  7.      Press SEND and wait for confirmation. You should hear a confirmation tone or a message.
  8.      Press END.

If you are forwarding calls from your cellphone, you can contact your mobile provider for instructions. Ask them about “conditional call forwarding,” which most major network carriers offer:

  • Call forward if busy: Forward incoming call to another number if you’re on call
  • Call forward if not answered: Forward the incoming call to another number if it is not answered for a predefined period of time
  • Call forward if not reachable: Forward incoming call to another number if the phone is off or without signal

If you still have several questions regarding call forwarding, feel free to Contact Us.

How Can I Cancel the Service?

If you decide to cancel your answering service and no longer with to be billed, kindly email us. We will then cancel any future billings after you contact us. Note that you are never under any long-term contract, beyond the current month. We take pride in offering our clients flexible solutions.

If there is anything we can do to continue working together, please let us know at help@answerourphone.com. We always listen and look for solutions!