Local Number vs. Toll Free: Why Local Presence is Better


Local Number vs. Toll Free: Why Local Presence is Better


Are you a small to medium business owner and looking to own a number for your business? Then you’re already one step in the right direction. However, a question might loom in your head: should I get a local number, or a toll free number?

Almost all of the big companies in the country use toll free numbers (=also known as the 1-800 numbers). But is it the best option for your small to medium enterprise, or is having a local number better?

Small to Medium Business? Go Local

If you’re a small to medium business enterprise, we recommend that you go for a local number. Read the following reasons:

  1. That local feel and presence.

    More and more consumers nowadays are going back to “locally made” goods and services. They are now more conscious of their choices, and they want to buy products and avail of services that are locally grown, or is connected to the community. By having a local number, you can easily achieve this ‘local feel’ that people are looking for. Customers will feel that your business is more “human,” or at least “closer” to them than the big corporations that use toll free numbers. It’s also advantageous if you’re trying to set up local presence in a specific community!

  2. Doing international business.

    Believe it or not, many international callers cannot access toll free numbers, but they can dial local numbers. If you’re looking to expand your market and target some clients abroad, you should go for local numbers to be safe! Not every international service provider provides toll free services for international customers.

  3. Local advertising.

    Having a local number can greatly contribute to a community or location-specific advertising plan. With a certain local number, you can easily track which ads are working best, and which are not performing so well. You can spread awareness of your business in a specific locality by adding your local number in ads, which can appear in search listings that customers use.

Go for a Local Number and Feel the Difference

While toll free numbers also have their advantages, there really is nothing quite like a service that feels closer to you and your community. It’s great marketing, and it’s pretty cheap! And one of the main steps that you could do to make your business seem more local is to go for a local number, rather than a toll free number. Go ahead and try it, and see how it makes a difference for your customers!

Going local with your business number can have many benefits – from increasing your international reach to enhancing your local advertising efforts. Give it a try and see how it makes a difference for your customers!
Local presence is a major factor in business. It allows you to target a specific geographic market and tap into that market more effectively. Local numbers are also more personal, and they help build trust with potential customers. Overall, local presence is the better option for businesses, and it’s something that you should consider if you’re looking to improve your business’s bottom line.
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