Property Management Answering Service

Anyone who works for or owns a successful property or apartment management company will agree that their job does not stop after their office hours have passed. They may not be present at the office, but their property management company needs to be well-represented during their absence. If they aren’t represented, they can lose potential or current tenants!

One of the most common ways that property management companies can lose business is by missing calls and business opportunities from clients. If their calls are left unanswered, customers might think that your business has bad customer service and may take their business elsewhere.

Property Management Answering Service That Works For You

Managing multi-unit residential or commercial properties can be a challenge when you’re an owner or manager of multi-unit residential or commercial properties. Your tenants are calling with questions and concerns, and your maintenance teams expect to hear back from you about issues that need to be addressed. How can you keep up with it all?

Suppose you’re not using a property management answering service. In that case, you’re probably spending lots of time fielding calls from tenants, responding to maintenance requests, and filling vacancies—not to mention dealing with all the other tasks that go along with owning and operating real estate.

How Can a Property Management Answering Service Increase Your Business?

At Answer Our Phone, we function as an extension of your office, so your tenants can always access a live, courteous, professional voice, whether you manage one property or a multi-state.

Our virtual receptionists assist your property management company by diverting calls to the appropriate team member at the appropriate time, making you feel at ease knowing that your properties and tenants are receiving the attention they deserve.

How Much Does A Phone Answering Service Cost?

We offer a base cost that is low and manageable, so you get the best value for your business. With our service, you only pay extra for the features you requested—so you can customize your experience to fit your needs and budget.

We provide your company with the same high-quality customer support experience as large companies without breaking the bank.

If you have any questions about our rates or services, check out our FAQ page or contact us! Our basic package starts at $45 for 35 calls. We look forward to helping your company grow by providing superior customer service!

  • High volume basic message
    (Per Call Billing)
    for 90 calls
    • Price is per call, for up to 90 calls
    • Operators will answer in the name of your business and collect: the name, phone number, and nature of the call
    • Immediate call notification via email or text
    • No contract (month to month)
    • No setup fees, No holiday fees
    • 24/7/365 Live, U.S. based operator
    • $7.50/month for a call forwarding number  ($12.50/month for a local call forwarding number, or $15 for a toll-free call forwarding number)
    • $1.19/per additional call
  • High Volume Advanced Message
    (Per Minute Billing)
    for 90 minutes
    • Price is per minute for up to 90 minutes
    • Operators will answer in the name of your business and collect: the name, phone number, and nature of the call
    • Immediate call notification via email or text
    • No contract (month to month)
    • No holiday fees
    • 24/7/365 Live, U.S. based operator
    • Answer calls with your own script
    • Transfer calls to you, letting you know who is calling and why
    • Route calls to the appropriate person(s) following your script
    • Schedule appointments after logging into your calendar
    • $20 one time setup fee for simple script, $35 one time setup fee for more complex scripts
    • $7.50/month for a call forwarding number  ($12.50/month for a local call forwarding number, or $15 for a toll-free call forwarding number)
    • $1.57/per additional minute (billing in 1-second increments!)

Save Time and Money With a Phone Answering Service for Property Management

Property managers, landlords, and other real estate professionals have a lot of responsibilities. They need to make sure that their property is in good shape and that tenants are happy. They also have to deal with the stresses of running a business. But what if we told you that we could take some of those responsibilities off your plate?

Answer Our Phone services are just what you’re looking for if:

  • You don’t have time to answer calls from tenants every day
  • You don’t have time to deal with hiring extra employees
  • You don’t want to worry about making sure everyone has access to important information at all times (like maintenance requests or contractors’ schedules)

Real estate is a competitive industry, and as a property manager, you have to make sure that your team is working on the right tasks at all times. That’s where we come in. Our answering service works with property managers to ensure that their time is spent on what matters most: managing their properties.

We take care of things like:

  • Answering calls from tenants and prospective tenants
  • Appointment scheduling for tenants about maintenance issues or lease renewals
  • Sorting out important messages and directing the calls to specific personnel

Answer Our Phone answering service is staffed by dedicated professionals trained in property management techniques and protocols. They know how to handle any question a tenant might have, from how much rent is due to whether or not they’ll have access to their space during an emergency repair job. And since our agents are trained professionals, they can also refer tenants directly to the appropriate person if necessary—saving both you and your tenants time!

Answering Service: What it is and Why it is Essential to Your Property Management Business

Why does leading property management have to answer services? Because they know how to lead their business.

Leading your business is not just about having the right vision. It’s also about having the right people to get things done. And when you’re juggling different tasks, it’s hard to keep a handle on all of them. That’s where an answering service can help! With an answering service, you get a team of professionals ready and willing to answer your phones 24/7.

Answering Service for Property Management

An answering service for property management is a system that allows you to have a professional answering service answer your calls for you.  Property managers can use answering services if they don’t have enough time to answer all of the calls coming in from tenants. This means that managers can focus on growing the property instead of dealing with every call coming in.

You can also use an answering service when you’re renovating one of your properties so that tenants can still reach someone if they need something. In this case, they must have confidence in the person they are talking to and know that they will be taken care of.

When you choose our property management answering services, you’re choosing peace of mind.

You’ll never again have to worry about whether your clients are being served by a happy, well-trained team of representatives who will guide them through any issues that might come up. And the best part is? You don’t even have to be there!

That’s right—we manage the work so you can focus on what matters most: making sure your customers are satisfied and happy with their experience.

By having us handle the administrative tasks associated with taking calls, you free yourself up to do what you do best: lead your business and make sure it grows as fast as possible.

Why a 24/7 Answering Service Is Important for Any Business

If you’re a small or large company and you have a lot of leads coming in, you must have someone available to answer the phone at all times.

The reason why 24/7 answering service is essential is because of customer retention. The better you’re able to capture every lead, the more chances you increase your sales and generate more revenue for yourself.

With Answer Our Phone’s 24/7 live assistance, you’re always available with us. You select the call flow and escalation method that best suits your company—and we’ll be there for your prospective customers.

We know how important appointments are when it comes to keeping things running smoothly, so we make sure that our agents can help schedule them for you so that everyone gets what they need to be done in their own time.

Improve Your Customer Retention

By having an answering service, our live agents will answer every call and provide potential customers with the information they need. This allows them to speak with a live person instead of a machine.

Having real people to talk to your customers gives your business an image of professionalism and reliability. You will seem more trustworthy to potential customers when they see that your office has a live person on the other end of the line instead of bots and autoresponders.

How Hiring Fewer Employees Can Increase Your Business Productivity

Property management answering services can help you save money and time by handling your tenant calls for you. Here are some of the ways it can help you save money:

  • You don’t need to train and hire employees
  • You don’t need to buy expensive equipment or software
  • You don’t need to buy a building to house your business
  • In some cases, property management answering services are tax-deductible

Answering service providers will give you a team of professionals who have experience in property management. They know how to handle all types of tenant issues. They’ll be able to deal with anything from noise complaints to maintenance requests.