Property Management Answering Service

Anyone who works for or owns a successful property or apartment management company will agree that their job does not stop after their office hours have passed. They may not be present at the office, but their property management company needs to be well-represented during their absence. If they aren’t represented, they can lose potential or current tenants!

One of the most common ways that property management companies can lose business is by missing calls and business opportunities from clients. If their calls are left unanswered, customers might think that your business has bad customer service and may take their business elsewhere.


Our property management answering service for apartments and other rentals can also increase tenant satisfaction. This, in turn, can lead to a positive customer experience, especially with regard to maintenance and customer service.

Most tenants are low maintenance, but of course, they still expect quality customer service when something goes wrong with their properties. If the tenant can easily get in touch with someone from your company in times of emergency, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews on crucial sites such as Apartment Ratings. Great ratings, of course, can lead to an influx of more tenants in the future.

In a competitive and demanding industry such as property management, your business should receive messages and deal with them efficiently 24/7. If your current or potential clients have questions, it is critical that they get the help they need as soon as possible. These problems can arise at any time of the day or night! When you do not have an answering service, you might miss out on very critical calls.

When you sign up for Answer Our Phone’s answering services, our operators will answer calls, record issues, and forward callers’ messages to you, accurately and on time. This allows you to receive messages precisely, and you can tend to your customers’ needs as you deem appropriate.

A business can see higher levels of customer satisfaction in their client base when you have an efficient and professional property management answering service. On the other hand, if you keep having missed calls due to lack of communication or operators, it can result to a loss of sales and business opportunities.

Get Started With Our Property Management Answering Service

  • High volume basic message
    (Per Call Billing)
    for 100 calls
    • Price is per call, for up to 100 calls
    • Operators will answer in the name of your business and collect: the name, phone number, and nature of the call
    • Immediate call notification via email or text
    • No contract (month to month)
    • No setup fees, No holiday fees
    • 24/7/365 Live, U.S. based operator
    • $0.89/per additional call
  • High Volume Advanced Message
    (Per Minute Billing)
    for 100 minutes
    • Price is per minute for up to 100 minutes
    • Operators will answer in the name of your business and collect: the name, phone number, and nature of the call
    • Immediate call notification via email or text
    • No contract (month to month)
    • No setup fees for simple script, $35 one time setup fee for more complex scripts
    • No holiday fees
    • 24/7/365 Live, U.S. based operator
    • Answer calls with your own script
    • Transfer calls to you, letting you know who is calling and why
    • Route calls to the appropriate person(s) following your script
    • Schedule appointments after logging into your calendar
    • $0.89/per additional minute (billing in 1-second increments!)

Today, customers are more demanding than ever when it comes to getting quality customer service. People nowadays do not like slow services! In addition, they don’t like dealing with customer service representatives who cannot speak clear English, or talking to an automated machine.

The solution to all of your woes? Answer Our Phone’s property management answering service! Starting at just $39 per month, you can access Answer Our Phone’s professional, US-based operators. With Answer Our Phone, you don’t need to worry about communication barriers! Answer Our Phone is the premier solution for the average apartment complex or property management company.