Never Miss A Patient Call Again

When you can’t afford to miss an incoming call, Answer Our Phones Is your answer!

24/7 Dental Answering Service That Works For You

Never miss a call again, Answer Our Phones is the best dental answering service in the market. Rather your a dental office or a small clinic anytime there an dental issues regardless of the time of day Answer Our Phones is here to handle all your incoming calls.  Tell your patients nex time they have a dental emergency you have them covered. Rest assure if your patients call you either at peak hours, holidays, weekends or after hours our dental call answering service can handle it all. We answer your calls within three rings or less.

virtual receptionists


We only staff US based receptionist, you’ll never have to worry about overseas outsourcing.

24 answering service


You’ll never have to pay extra for our after hours service. We’re here 24/7 and 365 days a year.

No fee


We make our fee structure transparent, so you’ll never be surprised each month. No hidden fees or unadvertised charges. Period


We won’t tie you down with long-term agreements or complicated contracts.


Our team has been trained to handle dental offices, we’re already handling 100’s currently.

cheap answering service


With prices starting at an affordable $45 only add-on the features you need rather than paying for ones you don’t.

Make Your Dental Practice Run More Efficiently

As a dental professional, it’s important to create a reliable and low matiatance dental practice that allows you to take care of your patients oral health. Our reliable and dependable answering service for dentist has been working with dentist around the country for more than 10 years.  We help reduce overhead cost and provide a quality service to patients that is unbeatable at our prices. Meanwhile reducing missed appointments, no-shows, as well as managing your office’s scheduling and appointment setting.  While taking care of peak hours, after hours calls, holidays, and common dental emergency calls. This can be a valuable service for you and your dental practice.

Not only does this provide an beneficial service to your patients, it also helps you as the business owner. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a budget answering service, Answer Our Phone is the only chance in the market. The reason we able to provide an affordable answering services for dental offices is that we’ve stripped away most of the features many people don’t require that other answering services bundle in their pricing.  When you’re looking for a dental call answering service you just want someone that will help you answer your calls, direct patients to the right place, take down a message, or set up an appointment. Most dentist already have trained receptionist according to their state legal requirements. Our virtual receptionists makes a great support when your internal staff can’t. Thus helping you to maintain an operational budget that makes sense for you without having to hire more in-house staff that require complex payroll and holiday time. When it comes to choosing between hiring more in-house staff or using a third-party dental call answering service , our service is a clear winner. Rather you use our service as a standalone or to support your current receptionist during peak and off hour times. We have you cover!

How Much Does This Cost?

Keeping your cost low, while ensuring your amazing customer service doesn’t have to be a dream. That’s exactly what we do at Answer Our Phones, we’ve been doing it for dentist like you for more than 10 years. Our answering service for dental office helps you grow your office while keeping your operational cost down.

Our dental phone answering service are not made as a one size-fits-all, we’ve designed our plans to remove the complex pre-packaging of features our competitors use to help reduce your overhead. The reason we’re an affordable dental office answering services is that we focused on stripping away features most dentists will never use. This doesn’t make our service a low-quality “cheap” answering service, it simply makes it an affordable service by providing only what you need. While our competitors bundle services you won’t use, we’ve created a unique pricing modeling that allows you to select the features you need and not the features you don’t.  The choice is yours.

If you would like more information about our plans, please feel free to contact us!

  • High volume basic message
    (Per Call Billing)
    for 90 calls
    • Price is per call, for up to 90 calls
    • Operators will answer in the name of your business and collect: the name, phone number, and nature of the call
    • Immediate call notification via email or text
    • No contract (month to month)
    • No setup fees, No holiday fees
    • 24/7/365 Live, U.S. based operator
    • $7.50/month for a call forwarding number  ($12.50/month for a local call forwarding number, or $15 for a toll-free call forwarding number)
    • $1.19/per additional call
  • High Volume Advanced Message
    (Per Minute Billing)
    for 90 minutes
    • Price is per minute for up to 90 minutes
    • Operators will answer in the name of your business and collect: the name, phone number, and nature of the call
    • Immediate call notification via email or text
    • No contract (month to month)
    • No holiday fees
    • 24/7/365 Live, U.S. based operator
    • Answer calls with your own script
    • Transfer calls to you, letting you know who is calling and why
    • Route calls to the appropriate person(s) following your script
    • Schedule appointments after logging into your calendar
    • $20 one time setup fee for simple script, $35 one time setup fee for more complex scripts
    • $7.50/month for a call forwarding number  ($12.50/month for a local call forwarding number, or $15 for a toll-free call forwarding number)
    • $1.57/per additional minute (billing in 1-second increments!)

Plans come with these features

  • Personally answer all of your missed calls
  • Service is always available when you need it, around the clock and with no additional fees for holidays and weekends.
  • Message alerts notifications through email, calls or text delivered within seconds.
  • Send a daily summary of all messages received
  • Answer your calls politely and in a timely manner
  • No setup costs or monthly hidden fees.
  • “Advanced Messaging Plans” allow calls to easily transfer and you can also plan business meetings better.

Common Questions

Is there a setup fee?

No, there is no setup fee for your account, unless there are complex scripting or semantic search requests. In that case, some charges may apply.

What if I go over my plans minutes and calls?

If you exceed your monthly allowance, our pricing plans provides transparent pricing on additional usage. Our basic plan charges per call ($1.09) and the advance plan charges per ( $1.27) minutes.

How long does it take to setup a phone answering service?

Within 24 business hours, you should receive a call forwarding number via text or email (depending on your choice of communication). You know that your account is officially activated once you receive your call forwarding number.

Do you have any cancellation fees?

No, we do not have any cancellation fees associated with our service plans. You are always welcome to cancel your plan at any time should you choose to do so.

Does it cost more for a 24/7 Answering Service?

No, all of our plans include 24/7 call support either via our answering or virtual receptionist services.

Can you add appointments to my calendar?

Yes, we can add appointments to your calendar of choice.

What’s Advanced message taking?

Our Advanced Message Taking plan allows appointment setting on your calendar and live call transfer. With live call transfer, the operator will put the caller on hold and attempt to call you or your associates. If you are available and wish to take the call, it will be transferred. If you are not available, then the operator returns to the caller and takes a message.

Do you have any contract commitment?

No, we do not require any long term or short term contract when you sign up for our services. Our plans are month by month, so you can cancel at any time.

Can I change my plan at anytime?

Yes, if the plan you’ve chosen no longer meets your needs, you can always change it at any time. Please note there is no fee associated with changing plans.

Do you have an additional fee for holidays?

No, we don’t charge a holiday fee. Our service plans include both holidays and weekend coverage.

How Often will I be billed?

Your monthly billing cycle begins on the day your account is activated and will bill again on the same date the following month.


Answer Our Phones has been working with dentists and other professionals for more than 10 years. Our experience has been tested and tried by some of the best dentists nationwide. Our only US-based virtual receptionist will help you and your patients with the most common customer service problems with professionalism. If you’re looking for the best dental answering service you’ve come to the right place. Our plans are designed and tailored to meet most small clients and dental offices’ needs. Our low-cost offers an affordable service that is manageable as you can customize the features you require and not pay extra for the services you don’t need. Provide your patients the level of service they expect and the same high-quality customer support experience as a larger clinic without the inflated price tag. You’ll get the best value for your clinic while providing a better experience for your patients. We handle all types of incoming calls from patients such as a common dental emergency, chipped tooth, nontraumatic dental problems, or emergency dental trauma. We’ll forward your patients to the right place 24/7 365 days a year even when your office hours have ended.

Our dental after-hours answering service allows you to rest assured that if patients need you, they’ll have their call answered in three rings or less. There are a lot of dental care options available to customers today, patients want to know they reach you regardless of the hour of the day, that’s our specialty. We can even help with appointment scheduling.

Our service helps dentists by providing either standalone or additional support to an existing dental team. For additional support, our virtual receptionist helps by handling calls during peak hours, holidays, weekends, or after-hours in a blended way with your current customer service. When your team is busy helping other patients, on vacation, or taking a break Answer Our Phones steps in if an incoming patient call takes longer than desired to be answered by your team. We can handle all the little details freeing up your team’s time and energy while saving you from hiring additional staff. Thus allowing you to,

  • Freeing up staff’s time
  • Reducing your current incoming calls
  • Ensuring both in-office patients and incoming calls are treated with care
  • Improving your overall customer satisfaction by ensuring you never miss a call again!

Answer Our phone services offer a wide range of features and services designed to fit any size budget. We work hard to ensure we’re offering you exactly what you need, not what you don’t. We know every dentist’s office is different, and our mission is to provide you with a tailored approach meant to fit your business model while providing you with top-notch services at affordable rates.

Take Care OF Your Patients 24/7, 365 days a year

Currently, patients have many options, and ensuring they can reach you is one of the top reasons for choosing a dentist. Whether it be for appointment setting, emergency dental care, or to answer a question they might have for you. Patients expect a dental service that they can depend on. Answer Our Phone might not be able to answer all their questions, but we can pick up their incoming calls, take down a message, or forward you their call if it’s an emergency. Allowing your patients to know that they always have someone there for them is the largest value any dentist can provide to their patients. We make it easy!


Nowadays, getting a telephone answering service for your dental business is a must. This is because of the many benefits that it can provide you. Here are some of them:

  • You will be able to focus on what is important – running your business.
  • You don’t have to worry about answering calls, taking messages, or scheduling appointments. You can just focus on your patients and let our experts do the rest.
  • You can have more time to improve your practice and increase your profits.

We have been in operation for years now, and we know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to running a successful dental business, so if there are any questions regarding these things, we have got it covered. Just let us know what you want us to do, and we will take care of it for you!


If you’re still reading, you’ll know we hyper-focus on answering your incoming patient calls with professionalism and reliability that you can trust. All while trying to keep our prices down by cutting features you don’t need, but still allowing you to add them on if you do. This way making sure you’re only paying for what you need. Here are a few other highlights,

  • US-based Dental Agents

Never worry about overseas outsourcing, our highly qualified receptionists are based in the United States and we guarantee exceptional customer service far beyond your expectations.

  • 24/7 Answering Service

You’ll never miss a call again, our receptionist works 24 hours a day 365 days a year without holiday or weekend surcharges.

  • Zero Hidden Fees

We believe you deserve the right to understand what you’re paying for, so we created transparent pricing. Therefore, when your bill comes through you’ll never be surprised by any changes you don’t know about.

  • Designed for any Dental Offices

We’ve worked with dentists for more than ten years, and our receptionists have been trained to handle incoming calls from patients in distress with the utmost professionalism.

  • ZERO No Contracts

That’s right, no long-term commitments or cancellation fees at Answer Our Phones. If you don’t think we’re doing a good job, nothing is stopping you from leaving us. We designed our service this way, so we can earn your business each month.

  • Affordable

Our prices start at an affordable base rate of $45 making our dental answering service an easy choice for many dentists.

With all that said, if you’re looking for an answering service for your dental office Answer Our Phones is the best choice. Give us a try today!