Flat Rate Live Answering Service


Are you tired of paying high bills for an answering service? Do you feel like there’s no way to get the quality of service that you need without breaking the bank? Well, we’ve got good news for you! You can now get an answering service with a flat rate as low as $39.99/month.

What Is a Flat Rate Live Answering Service?

At Answer Our Phone answering service, we think less is more. That’s why we offer Flat Rate Live Answering Service—you pay only for what you need and nothing more. We don’t have any hidden fees or extra charges like other companies do.

Never Miss a Call Again

We know that when you and your staff are unavailable, a live call answering service will save you from missed opportunities. With our 24/7 Live Answering Service, we will take your calls during regular business hours, holidays, and even after service hours.

Professional US-Based Receptionists

Our professional receptionists are always there for your customers. They’re trained to answer questions about your business or products in a professional tone, identify what the caller wants to discuss, and find out how best to handle the request without wasting time on unnecessary details. They can also be reached at any time of day or night if necessary.

Why Choose a Flat Rate Live Answering Service?

When you’re a busy professional, you want to keep your time focused on what matters most. But many answering service companies are notorious for hiding fees and charging extra fees for things that aren’t even necessary. That’s why we offer an affordable flat rate answering service to give you peace of mind without the stress.

We believe in giving our clients budget-wise packages so they can focus on what matters most: their business. We know that when you’re focused on growing your business, there’s no time for worrying about high-priced services or hidden fees. We offer our clients flat rate packages that include everything they need to run their business, from answering calls, making appointments, and taking care of clients’ needs.

We know that budget is important to you, which is why we offer packages with prices that are extremely competitive and easy to understand so there aren’t any surprises later on down the line when bills start piling up.

When you sign up for our Flat Rate Live Answering Service, you’ll get:

– Professional US-based agents

– Flat rate charges, no hidden fees

– Affordable and customized answering service

– Never miss a call with our 24/7 answering service

Flat Rate Answering Service Packages

Our flat rate answering service gives you control over your budget. We offer:

Basic Message (Per Call Billing)

  • Enjoy up to 35 calls for only $39.99
  • No contract, extra charges, and hidden fees
  • Immediate call notification via email or text
  • 24/7/365  flat rate live answering service
  • Customer data collection

High Volume Basic Message (Per Call Billing)

  • Get up to 100 calls for only $99.99
  • No contract, additional fees, or hidden costs
  • Instant email or SMS alerts
  • All-day availability
  • Customer data collection

We also have per-minute billing. Click here to know more about our answering service packages.

Start Saving Time and Money Today

Call Us at 1-800-500-5020 or fill out the form here to sign up for any of our flat-rate live answering service packages.

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