The Most Common Outsourced Jobs 2022

You have probably heard about jobs getting outsourced on the news. As 54% of companies have already started using third-party companies to complete tasks that were once handled internally. But let’s face it: not a lot of people understand what outsourcing truly is, how it works, why it is being done, and which jobs are being outsourced. Outsourcing is the process of sending specific business functions, processes, or tasks to an external supplier or service provider. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to save on costs, improve efficiency, or gain specialized skills or experience.
Several different jobs can be outsourced, but some of the most common ones include back-office functions like accounting and HR, customer service, and technology support. If you’re wondering why your job might be at risk of being outsourced, several factors can contribute, such as the cost of doing the work in-house, the availability of skilled workers, and the availability of quality outsourcing providers.

What Does Outsourcing Jobs Mean?

Outsourcing in its simplest form is contracting other people or companies to do jobs and tasks for you. Most people confuse the term with “offshoring,” which is only a type of outsourcing where the contracts are with people or companies overseas. With outsourcing, you can hire even local freelancers or companies, like cleaning services, accounting firms, and the like. Unlike offshoring, outsourcing can be carried out with service providers located anywhere in the world. The main benefit of outsourcing is that it can help businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

More and more companies are outsourcing certain services because it’s very cost-effective. Additionally, once you find the outsourcing company or freelancer that is a perfect match for your needs and preferences, it can make your business and work more efficient, both short-term and long-term.

The Most Commonly Outsourced Jobs

There are a variety of jobs that are commonly outsourced, including some that are even offshore. The following is a list of the most common outsourced

  1. Manufacturing. You’re probably already familiar with this, but it remains one of the most popular jobs to outsource. Many factories are now relocated overseas, where there are cheaper labor costs and mostly higher efficiency. Not all of the manufacturing is outsourced, however. Sometimes, parts are manufactured abroad, but are still assembled in their‘ home country.’
  2. Accounting. This is also a very common outsourced job since it requires specialized skills. Not everyone in business knows how to do accounting correctly, so if you’re not familiar with it, you’ll probably be better off hiring an accounting firm or a certified public accountant. Many accountants overseas are familiar with American standards, but you still have to make sure that they know how to get the job done.
  3. Web design and development. Similar to accounting, web design and development require skills that aren’t too common. If your company or business only needs a simple website update, and you don’t need a full-time staff worker that would monitor all graphic design concerns, outsourcing designers and developers is the way to go. See Linking Up Local 
  4. Data Entry. This is one of the most popular outsourced services abroad. Data entry can be simple and it doesn’t require a specific set of skills, but its volume can be overwhelming to some businesses. You can save on costs by outsourcing data entry services, and most of these data services companies are accurate and time-efficient.
  5. Call centers and customer support. You’ve probably also experienced talking to a telemarketer from an overseas country since outsourcing customer support is now becoming a common industry practice. If customer support is not a top concern for your business, you can save a lot of money by outsourcing this task for companies. There’s little investment and training on your part, and the costs would be cheaper.
  6. Answering Services. Answering Services such as Answer Our Phone allows companies to outsource their customer support; however, it was not to replace not internal staff, but might be to add additional coverage for after-hour answering services when staff aren’t in the workplace.
  7. Lawyers: Largely growing due to the fast phase of online businesses as well as standard processes require more paperwork and loss mitigation. LegalZoom is the largest marketplace for lawyers that you can hire online.

Outsourcing Jobs Will Keep Growing

most outsourced jobs

Most jobs that get outsourced usually require very specialized skills, or on the other extreme, not a lot of skill. If the task you’re looking for is contractual (and is not a top priority for your company), it might be a good idea for you to try outsourcing! Once you find the right match for your company, you can save more and be more efficient.

Several companies might choose to outsource jobs, including cost savings, access to specialized skills, and the ability to focus on core business functions. Outsourcing can be beneficial for both companies and workers, but there are also several reasons for it, including the loss of jobs in the United States. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing is the cost-saving when companies outsource jobs to other countries, they can often save money on labor costs.

There are several reasons why companies have started to outsource jobs to other countries. One of the biggest is the difference in labor costs. The average hourly cost in America is $27 vs. $6 in India for example, this shows how much cheaper it would be for a U.S. company to outsource jobs to another country. Other costs, such as office rentals and utilities are also cheaper in other countries, allowing companies to save even more money by outsourcing jobs. As companies start to outsource more jobs, workers in those fields start to lose their jobs. Mmany of those workers are able to find new work either in other fields or by moving abroad to work


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