The Best Co-working Places in Spain


Spain hosts millions of tourists and expats yearly because of the country’s rich history, renowned football teams,, and great people. Located in Southern Europe, Spain has seen a rise in the number of freelancers residing in the country. This may be a result of a combination of factors, such as the recession, the emerging startup scene, and increases globalization in general. These are just some of the reasons why the Spanish are also becoming more and more inclined to work in great coworking spaces in Spain!

Co-working places are perfect for locals, tourists, expats, and individuals who want a great work environment and want to be productive. These coworking spaces are where individuals can work independently or collaborate with others in a shared space. These coworking spaces encourage innovation and collaboration, which makes them a staple for startup founders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

In general, coworking spaces have amenities and facilities that can be used for your productivity. They usually have fast internet connections, private desks, meeting and conference rooms, and many more. This is probably the main reason why more people are working in these co-working places. The advantages of coworking are plenty as well, which is another reason why it’s becoming more popular in countries like Spain.

So if you want a new work environment and are looking to be more productive while in Spain, then this post is for you. We list down the best co-working places in Spain!

The Best Co-working Places in Spain

The Top Coworking Spaces in Spain

  1. Impact Hub

If you’re looking for a reliable coworking brand with locations in Spain, then you should check out Impact Hub. One of the most recognizable coworking brands in the world, Impact Hub has more than 80 locations worldwide. They also host more than 15,000 members across the globe!

Located in the Madrid city center, Impact Hub encourages partnerships and collaborations in their spaces. Impact Hub Madrid is divided into three sections, namely Impact Hub Classic (Calle Gobernador 26), Hub Next (Calle Alameda 22), and Hub Up (Calle Gobernador 26). You can check out these three sections to see which one you prefer working in!

Impact Hub also hosts events for your organization, and you can contact them easily through their website. So if you want a reliable coworking space, check out Impact Hub Madrid!

Locations: Calle Gobernador 26 / Calle Alameda 22, Madrid, Open 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

  1. Betahaus

Betahaus is a beautiful coworking space located in Barcelona. It’s one of the largest coworking places you can find not just in Barcelona, but in Spain! They have around 2000 square meters worth of area in their 6-floor building.

Betahaus gives special focus to those who work in creative fields and the arts, but everyone is welcome to join their space! They provide 24/7 access for their members, and they also have meeting rooms, “skype booths,”and more! For those who want to take a break while working, they offer free caffeine, and they have a terrace and “chill out” space you can relax in.

Since Betahaus also has other branches in other countries, you also get some great perks when you sign up for their services. With the Betahaus Passport, you can work for 5 days/month for free in all of their branches across the globe!

Location: Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, 08024 Barcelona

  1. MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

Do you want a unique coworking space located in Spain? Then MOB might be the perfect coworking place for you. MOB focuses on hardware and design, which is quite uncommon in the coworking world.

MOB has open spaces, dedicated desks, workshop rooms, an event space, and more. You can also relax in MOB’s ‘La Cherry,’ or their special coffee corner. Since MOB encourages hardware design, they also have ‘FabCafe.’ FabCafe (MOB main)  is a room dedicated to just that, complete with 3D printers and laser cutters.

Location: Bailen 11, Bajos, Barcelona

Get Working in the Best Co-working Places in Spain

You can still be productive while enjoying Spain’s rich culture and traditions. You can have an easier time balancing the two with Spain’s best coworking places! Do yourself a favor and check out the places we mentioned!


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